A symbol of elegance and fashion
louis vuitton handbags Looks very eye-catching red bag Tone by age effect is also very good,One wearing a red bag rivet design and then with black dress just right, plus a pair of red high heels , not only low-key and fashion .

From an economic point of view, the brand is the awareness level of the consumer products and product series. Defined as the development of brand strategy : louis vuitton brand is through these elements and a series of marketing activities and manifested the result of the formation of an image recognition, feeling, perceived quality, and customer loyalty manifested through these, overall, it is a form of intangible assets . So this time the brand as an intangible asset.

Same handbags industry , both online shopping or to the store to buy , we recognized no problem in addition to the quality of the product itself , as well as bring the added value of the brand . The total value of the bag is the value of the bag itself plus pick bags of brand value , and the subsection bag brand value may not be less than that subsection bag itself worth , this is big business creating famous the significance of the brand !

Overall louis vuitton handbags more fashionable look more temperament , so also in the mix and carry on , so that the person who has it become the shining focus in the beautiful journey of life .louis vuitton uk

Accentuate Your Fashion Taste Perception with Louis Vuitton handbag
Louis Vuitton handbags are regarded as a combination of sophistication, elegance as well as the contemporary fashion. Most keen fashionistas are crazy for Louis Vuitton handbags with classical and timeless model. What’s more, Louis Vuitton handbag is as well active in handbag industry. Louis Vuitton handbag accessories with irresistible temptation are always in the dream . They crave over these dazzling handbags and dream of having one model one day.

There is no denying that extravagant handbag such as Louis Vuitton handbags is an ideal way to exhibit superior position as well as supreme class. As a matter of fact, these Louis Vuitton handbag are really expensive. However, you can still experience the luxury of authentic counterparts with a replica
Louis Vuitton handbag .

As the society modernizes, bribing replica Louis Vuitton handbags has become a tendency in modern world. No matter you are walking in the street or browsing the internet, you are easy to acquire replica Louis Vuitton handbag. Due to the utilization of advanced technology and good materials, all the Louis Vuitton handbag replicas appear nearly the same as the genuine ones. Quality replica Louis Vuitton handbag mirror each detail of the original counterparts to flawlessness that almost people even master expertise would find it tough to pick out the difference between them.Replica Louis Vuitton handbag are genuinely second to none.They not only keeps us a lot of money but also accomplishes the ambition of luxury touch.

In recent years, bribing replica Louis Vuitton handbag is becoming more and more common. Beside the timing use, they are also the essential accessories for many people in contemporary society. With such a replica Louis Vuitton handbag in your hand , you can love the lifestyle of the rich as well.

Louis Vuitton insist on doing their own brand

Louis Vuitton 's approach is to insist on doing their own brand , insist on their own brand spirit , to do different things , to provide a true cultural things , then is hope Louis Vuitton has more understand Louis Vuitton of people to pay attention to the Louis Vuitton products , welcome those who have not yet spending power , but there are the consumer consciousness or too high attention to cultural products , may one day have the ability to choose , will be the first time to Select Louis Vuitton .

Louis Vuitton handbags Brand History
Logo design reasons: 1896 Louis Vuitton 's son with the father of the abbreviated name of L and V with the flower pattern.
Brand Story : 150 years advocating fine , quality , comfortable "travel philosophy" LV leather design , LV leather goods in addition to impeccable workmanship , greatly satisfied LOGO desires of the people in the pop era.
Brand positioning : positioning the low-key luxury but comfort and convenience of the traveling life.
Behavior philosophy: Louis Vuitton approach is to insist on doing their own brand , stick to the brand spirit , to do different things , to provide a true cultural things , then is hope more understand Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton handbags to pay attention to the Louis Vuitton products , welcome those who have not yet spending power , but there are the consumer consciousness or too high attention to cultural products , may one day have the ability to choose , would be the first a time to select Louis Vuitton .

Logo meaning - continuously inject new meaning
A high degree of respect and cherish their own brand , the pursuit of quality and excellence.
International vision and tactile.
Love the art , innovative and creative.

Louis Vuitton handbags brand endorsements :Madonna, the lyrics is an American singer, actress, and entrepreneurs. She has sold over 300 million albums in total all over the world, at any time by the guinness book of world records as the world has the best sales of the female. Record according to the recording industry association of America (RIAA), she's the highest sales volume in the 20th century's rock and roll singer, also with 64 million certified sales second high sales singer in America. The Billboard magazine, in 2008, Madonna voted second best artists, just behind The Beatles, made her become The magazine's list of The most successful single singer. In the same year she was invited to join the rock and roll hall of fame. Her concert Tour in 2009, Sticky & Sweet Tour, become the high income in the fourth of the world's concert, and a single concert highest income record. In 2012, VH1 rated Madonna as queen of the music industry.

Where will life take you?     louis vuitton

Why do women like louis vuitton handbags
Buy Louis Vuitton handbags women must have a taste? Back street must be fashionable LV bags? Louis vuitton may be a classic, but it needs a who know it.

Consumption is each person every day could make a thing. Because of the different age and gender, object, goal, mentality of consumption also will be different. Walk in Shanghai's bustling huaihai road, nanjing road, you can find most of the famous brand you want to get up. Young white-collar workers are more delights in consumption of luxury goods. Did you buy luxury goods? How are you with the mood to spend? Do you know your consumption of luxury goods psychological secrets?

So-called "famous brand", in addition to high quality raw materials, designers, and technological process, more important, is a powerful "value-added" soul - can let people like famous brand in the secular life, retain a reality is yearning, have the desire and the growth of the identity, fully enjoy the pleasure of "secular". Actually, "famous brand" itself is a form of narrative: founder and buyers, in others seems to be a luxury item, reached a tacit understanding, share a story about life attitude and the way.

Like to shop around brand lovers, is rational and self sustaining. "But if by our own strength can not afford to buy, then I don't have to." - when all famous brand lovers can be such a mature and calm, the story about the luxury goods is really the most close to the heart.
Is said to be in France,

Louis Vuitton handbags are often girl adult, previous generation preview brush a brush gave her. It in their eyes was not a virtue, it is a tradition, is respect for the classic less rather than more money.louis vuitton outlet

Louis Vuitton 's secret : basic models are just ordinary people and even nanny consumer goods
In China , over the past few years , Louis Vuitton handbags major promotion in the low-end products , so the consumer level led to the Chinese consumer LV is not high ; abroad , LV basic models to a lot of ordinary people and even the babysitter to spend . LV more respected abroad is its custom , and the most high-end product line , the quality of its core customers abroad is much better .

A handbag , it is the use of leather , canvas , or made ​​of nylon . It can be lightweight in hand , or casually thrown over your shoulder . The inside does not matter . Now more than anything else , that tells the story of a woman's handbag : her current situation , her dream . The same time, due to the marketing strategies of luxury brands , and those handbags every few months will be a time change , like the change of seasons , and also a great variety of emotions like women .

The end of 2012 , after more than 14 months handover , Constance (Jordi Constans) officially became the chief executive officer of Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) . His previous club , Danone fresh dairy departments .
But you want to provoke Louis Vuitton handbags girders , the Constance facing more than inexperienced . According to foreign media reports , the 49 - year-old Constance graduated from the Central University of Barcelona, ​​business and economics , Executive Vice President and Group Executive Committee members was Danone fresh dairy products sector . His 1990 Jia Ruda , to Danone Spain Managing Director took office in 2002 and transferred to the Managing Director of France in 2004 . For such an original without any intersection with the luxury Elite specializes in the sale of milk ability to harness the LV the the outside full questioned .

French " Les Echos " pointed out that the rapid development in recent years, Louis Vuitton , business double-digit rate each year . 2012 by the impact of the European debt crisis and a slowdown in China , growth has slowed for Louis Vuitton . In addition, due to the Louis Vuitton brand popularity trend gradually lost the sense of mystery , a lot of pursuit " rare" high-end consumers to give up . The newspaper , Constance, efforts should be made to upgrade product quality and take the diversification strategy , and strictly control the sales cycle , led out of the popularization of Louis Vuitton quagmire , to maintain its high-end luxury brand .

However mysterious sense of loss , this may be a good thing for Constance , he may be more adept at operating in FMCG LV .

LV handbag shop in India 's development planning
Louis Vuitton handbags Mali Di company's chairman and chief executive officer Carsley in a recent news conference , said : " LV as the world 's most valuable luxury brand LV handbags, but also the global market forged counterfeit most products ." Recently the LV Group Indian National held its fifth meeting on open handbag store . Carsley said : " The purpose of our meeting is about how to maintain the value of its brand in the continuous development of the Indian market in the LV brand . "

Republic of India as a country in southern Asia , its national economy in recent years , the rapid growth , and therefore attracted a lot of international brands to its market to make investment . India as a luxury market , its market has been like any other country , like LV focus on the development in the global market .The LV Group Marketing market research found that : in Indian country , these people worked hard to improve their economic capacity , and the consumption of luxury LV handbags , Armani belt and PRADA clothing and other goods also maintained unique insights . Indian consumers buy fashion goods such as LV, GUCCI and Hermes has become very mature , they become a connoisseur of the luxury brand . Evaluation of LV in Indian country , its citizens is so high : LV handbags luxury craftsmanship , for us , like a universal language.

Louis Vuitton handbags as the international community 's largest luxury goods Group in the Indian market sales of hand package , clothing and fashion accessories of the time , has been in maintenance with their own brand value , LV to handbags , clothing and fashion accessories of quality as its merchandise sales , the most important a principle . Carsley said : LV fashion brand as the world's only a relatively ancient core luxury brand merchandise , from the inception to now has more than 150 years of history , we want the LV brand value continues to flourish .

LV as the international community 's largest luxury goods Group in the Indian market sales of hand package , clothing and fashion accessories of the time , has been in maintenance with their own brand value , LV to handbags , clothing and fashion accessories of quality as its merchandise sales , the most important a principle . Carsley said : LV fashion brand as the world's only a relatively ancient core luxury brand merchandise , from the inception to now has more than 150 years of history , we want the LV brand value continues to flourish .LV handbag and clothing products , quality , design style will not compromise, even in our LV store in a handbag is not so popular , we fight for all over the world have opened on the LV handbag store . '

Louis Vuitton handbags bring classic trend
Louis Vuitton handbags, bag collectors have been tempted their strong desire . After all, this is the world leader in fashion , LV, its every move seems to always affects the most sensitive nerve of the fashion industry . The front of this LV leather bags , still flowing with elegant and classic atmosphere , but it is not your grandmother had destroyed those bags , but they do have their similarities , is that after years of aloes dying down – classic.

This bag does look a bit retro , but as long as you are not a player wearing an outdated 1950s attire , then pull slung it you still walk in the forefront of most of the fashion . Recent fashion seems on some really popular in the 1950s and 1960s fashion elements , this LV bag can also be regarded as one of the representatives , of course, stylish reincarnation is not to say , when we go out , they had wear clothing as like the movie “Mad Men” . Soft and smooth leather is one of the biggest bright spot of this LV bag , The refined hardware accessories , zippers , and the Baoshen external pocket design , so this pastel-colored bag looks outstanding , rare . Such handsome styling is also bound to be interpreted as LV ‘s new classic , for those who like Louis Vuitton handbags, this bag is sure to make them rejoice now .

Louis Vuitton has become synonymous with luxury fashion , as today ‘s fashion leader , each launched new products are impressive , very appropriate permeate all spheres of culture.

Louis Vuitton handbags ‘s waterproof , refractory legend , the true extent difficult to pursue , but it does not need leather or other ordinary leather , instead of using a painting with , called Canvas, canvas material , plus a layer of waterproof PVC , did it bag timeless , easy to wear. In addition to “durable ” , a hundred and fifty years of history Louis Vuitton , start specializing in royal and aristocratic market , but also for the famous brand not only survived reasons .Talk about the trend of the past talk about the classic Louis Vuitton , in recent years finally changed the style. Louis Vuitton handbags is not just a fad fashion brand , has been able to become a century classic , the key reason is to allow consumers to enjoy the aristocratic quality . Founder Louis Vuitton , in the 19th century , Napoleon III ‘s wife, Wu Jieni full-time manual labor and the Queen’s leather division , he invented with waterproof function flat cover hard luggage , rugged quality assurance , suddenly spread throughout the upper-class social, Louis Vuitton also come out , is to brand attitude , affect the fashion industry at the time , celebrities gentleman go traveling the necessary equipment .

Almost used Louis Vuitton leather goods consumers know , Louis Vuitton leather goods with more than a decade , are still intact , and skin color will be long-term skin touch , over time , become natural and elegant color.

Gucci explosion LV canvas bag low cost luxury value metamaterials costs

Italian luxury brand Gucci president previously broke the news that the Louis Vuitton handbags canvas bag material cost is far less than the cost of its own brand . Gucci company and in the days that followed the statement said , the handbag production company president had mentioned the use of raw materials and related costs and the handbag itself value or quality not related to the value and quality of the luxury far more than the cost of materials .

Gucci president Patrizio . Dumas can has criticized some luxury brands sell astronomical bag , and broke the news that Louis Vuitton (LV) canvas bag material cost is one meter 11 euros , Gucci handbags material costs per 0.3 m for 50 euros . The implication , Gucci material nearly 15 times more expensive than LV .News reporter yesterday from LV there , they did not release any news about the cost - price Gucci canvas material and leather prices compared unfair .

Louis Vuitton handbags: We never released any information in this regard , because this is not true , and his vertical comparison is wrong . Him than canvas and leather comparison , leather and canvas can not be compared , canvas, canvas , leather is leather .Gucci the president of Zhefan let it be , insiders comfortable publisher of Wu Yan commercial behavior somewhat unkind .

Between them is a competitor . I believe that any sales which generally will explain how good the quality of their own products , and why good , good , generally not particularly say that the other competitors which is not good.

hortly thereafter , Gucci has issued a statement , the president mentioned raw materials and related costs and handbags handbags production value or quality not related to the luxury value far exceeds the cost of materials . LV staff also said that the value of luxury goods can not be measured only from the fabric , the design and process of a talisman brand .

LV: The cloth can be made ​​of this package is process , and he inspired in there . We sell a work of art .
Gucci secondary changed , and gave everyone has dished out a new , the luxury worth far more than the production of his material costs . Wu Yan also believes that the value of the brand with its history and culture , to accept this concept of consumer need luxury as a status symbol .

The value of the brand name is a historical , cultural , like LV should have 100 years of history , there is a tradition , a settling of the design concept , the brand on the inside .
For this concept , consumers seem to have accepted , but take it or leave is another matter .

Consumers : occasionally will buy, but buy very little , is to have a friend around , will have the power to buy it . Is to bring you the psychological satisfaction .

Consumers 2 : I think especially some of the package is the canvas , results sell into the price of the leather , I do not pursue this kind of thing

Consumers 3 : not too expensive, I can not afford that . Maybe someday to buy , do you think it was worth it value , you like it value .

Cheap Louis Vuitton handbags women's new love ?

LV, the French luxury brand is gradually seize the streets , the classic "LV" letters everywhere .Become consumers of luxury goods , LV On the one hand , on the other hand , it seems gradually to strengthen the power of the brand .

All over the street
Luxury prestigious There was a joke that a " lady " to spend a few hundred pieces to buy a high imitation LV handbags , tourism in Paris handbag zipper broken , she strutted into the LV stores for a zipper , That lv replica handbags on her hands , there is a genuine zipper .Although I do not know the joke true , but it points to LV today everyone can have . Imagine the same handbag with cheaper nearly half the price of even a few hundred dollars can buy , who will buy the real thing . Even if this is a fake , the price is not cheap , but compared to the brand value of Louis Vuitton handbags was well worth it , which led to the LV brand value will be constantly pulled down .

Customer Source
In the "luxury Report 2012 " , expand research on the 3754 high - asset crowd : female high repeat purchase rate luxury brands as Chanel,LV, Hermès, Cartier, Dior,  LV topped luxury brand.Jordi Constans officially became CEO of Louis Vuitton , Louis Vuitton . His previous club , Danone fresh dairy departments . He who has a wealth of global experience in brand management , but for the LV fashion brands , keen to capture the dynamics of the fashion market , he may still be a novice . And on the other hand , such an arrangement will also LV this brand into a naked embarrassing situation .

Explore and reorganization of the Louis Vuitton Classic code , brand designer can always be found in the classic assets entirely new interpretation of fashion . In the process of cooperation with artists , classic concept given new meaning. The perfect presentation of Louis Vuitton 's artistic attitude , achievements in the pursuit of women dream of Louis Vuitton .

Latest Louis Vuitton bags everywhere exudes youthful vitality breath
        As we all know , Louis Vuitton has been a symbol of fashion and luxury . In other words, Louis Vuitton handbags and other products have revolutionized the fashion world and are very much preferred all over the world.
As people love to keep pace with recent fashion trends, therefore they prefer purchasing such Louis Vuitton handbags which are elegant, attractive and satiate their requirements. You can also shop for replica Louis Vuitton handbags according to your preference. Louis Vuitton handbags will never go out of style as it adapts to changing styles and sets new ones. If you want to release your utmost charm, with no doubt you will purchase a Louis Vuitton handbag to fulfill your wardrobe.
Luxury brands are constantly young fashion now , lv received a lot of attention .
        Louis Vuitton handbags practical multipurpose bags , whether it is for work or shopping is very suitable.Its super lattice design , so you loose items put a full bar , while the bag with an activity card version , use convenient individually remove .The LV Series external design is simple , within grid design thoughtful and practical, to meet the various needs within a grid design .
        Back in June , the Louis Vuitton LV (Louis Vuitton) introduced the latest core values ​​advertising campaign , to participate in this event has the title of one of the greatest athletes of the world sports : " immortal " Muhammad Ali . This summer , Louis Vuitton LV (Louis Vuitton) and pay high tribute to this illustrious figures , produced a video to praise his poetry : immortal words .
       Louis Vuitton since the beginning of 1854 , has been the traditional arts and crafts and closely integrated . Stephen Sprouse, Yayoi Kusama , Takashi Murakami , Richard Price , and many other artists in the matchmaking Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton on a number of special projects of cooperation , with the creation of handbags , scarves , shoes , and other collectors who hot chase works .Louis Vuitton girl brought a style of dress , casual and full of artless art any occasion calmly deal.
       LV full name Louis Vuitton , but better known is the emerging capital letter combinations LV . LV recipe for success is to seek for the valued customers to create a " family " feeling . Louis Vuitton handbags products from generation to generation . Whenever you LV products brought repair maintenance , LV stores are duty-bound to be dedicated to help . LV product line : leather products (including handbags, luggage , briefcases , etc.) , fashion garments , footwear , watches , fine jewelry , writing supplies and accessories.Latest Louis Vuitton bags everywhere exudes youthful vitality breath.To Hannele Mustaparta, Miroslava Duma , and Elin KlingThe charm of the handbag itself play a different flavor , sweet , energetic , confident ⋯
      I ask what woman could resist the bags ?If you like youthful vitality breath Louis Vuitton handbags then please do yourself a favor and visit Replica Handbags Pro.21


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